Unity Care

San Jose, CA

Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Andre Chapman

Co-Investor: Heising-Simons Foundation 

Unity Care provides current and former foster youth with a safe and secure place to live so they can focus on their emotional, educational, and employment goals. Over half of all foster youth become homeless, incarcerated, pregnant, or experience substance abuse or severe mental health challenges within two years of leaving foster care. Due to the ongoing housing crisis in the Bay area, former foster youth are dealing with unprecedented rates of homelessness.

"PropelNext has come along at the perfect time for the organization because we have been very focused on what truly drives our decision-making, our thought process, and our program design. What the data says has been a place where we've struggled because of all the different systems and government requirements we're working within that are designed around billable services and outputs, rather than youth outcomes." - André Chapman, Founder and CEO

Unity Care creates a home-like environment where foster youth and families feel protected and where they can receive access to a comprehensive array of resources and supportive services. Through the delivery of culturally proficient, trauma-informed care, 93% of Unity Care youth have found a safe, secure and stable place to call "home."

With the help of PropelNext, Unity Care is becoming a more data-driven organization to deepen and expand its services. With a greater level of sophistication in collecting and evaluating data, Unity Care is developing the systems necessary to provide timely data that demonstrate effectiveness and ensure a system of quality control within its programs.

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