Enterprise for Youth

San Francisco, CA

Chief Executive Officer: Ninive Calegari

Co-Investor: William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

Enterprise for Youth empowers young people to prepare for careers through training, guidance and employment experiences. Enterprise for Youth works with schools with high dropout rates, high populations of recent immigrant youth, low-income youth, Dreamers and English Language Learners. They partner with a diverse group of employers so they can give youth access to a wide range of internship opportunities to explore career interests.

"We know that three internships changes a student’s job trajectory post-bachelor’s degree. What we’re grappling with and excited about is understanding the right population and amount of programming for impact." - Ninive Calegari, CEO

With the help of PropelNext, Enterprise for Youth is becoming more of a learning organization, with the aim of deepening and expanding its programs. With a greater level of sophistication in collecting and evaluating data, Enterprise for Youth has been able to better understand its target population and the appropriate amount of programming for the greatest impact.

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