Our Program

PropelNext provides knowledge and expertise that next generation nonprofits can use to collect, analyze and apply data for ongoing improvement and learning so they can more effectively transform the lives of disadvantaged youth. 

PropelNext integrates into a single, comprehensive program with five planks of support:

Unrestricted Grants

Grantees receive unrestricted grants over three years. These grants provide organizations and their leaders the flexibility to direct resources where needed and the time and space to take on the work of PropelNext. Continued participation in PropelNext is based on progress toward mutually agreed upon milestones.

Group Learning Sessions 

During face-to-face gatherings grantees hear from external experts, share experiences and challenges, learn from each other, and celebrate accomplishments. These sessions focus on skill building, delivery of key concepts, interactive discussion and the practical applications of the lessons grantees are learning. Through this group learning model organizations work through the most common challenges together and also share practical ideas and strategies for overcoming common obstacles in the work.   

Individualized Coaching

Grantee leaders receive guidance from best-in-class coaches as they bring what they learn from PropelNext group sessions to the rest of their organizations. PropelNext coaches bring expertise, analytical skills, and structured support to each organization so leaders can better engage their staff in the learning process; design, test, and put into practice the improvements to their programs, and manage organizational and staffing changes.

Performance Management

Grantees receive funding to acquire and implement state-of-the-art performance management systems and training to effectively use them. New technologies enable grantees to measure the essential variables that affect their program’s impact, such as enrollment, participation and completion. Grantees gain the ability not only to track the right performance data, but also to convert that data into actionable information to support tactical and strategic decision-making.

Peer Network

Research shows that innovation and learning spread faster when peers speak to each other about breakthroughs and common challenges. The PropelNext peer network fosters a community of nonprofit leaders tackling similar challenges. Our grantees hear from and receive support from other leaders who are struggling with similar questions. We’ve seen that this accelerates their progress in PropelNext. An online community is in development to better support this network of leaders and organizations committed to shared learning, quality programming and high performance.