Results-Driven Culture

Organizations with ‘results-driven cultures’ measure success not by input or outputs, but by what is being accomplished.

We believe results-driven cultures emerge when all levels of an organization –from front-line staff to leadership – not only believe in the power of data, but also have the right tools AND are actively using and applying what they learn from data on an ongoing basis to boost their results.

This work requires courage and determination on the part of nonprofits. Such organizations are willing to challenge programmatic and organizational “sacred cows,” grapple with tough questions about their own effectiveness, and use data to inform decisions, rather than rely solely on intuition or past experience. They are making strategic choices to deepen their impact, even when it requires substantial change.

PropelNext and its grantees are learning together what it takes to create and institutionalize results-driven cultures in the nonprofit sector.  When working as intended, our grantees can track their results to understand what’s working and what can be improved, and then use this data to refine program models, invest in their highest performing areas and redirect staff in order to improve results. As this cycle progresses, organizations are able to enhance their impact and respond nimbly to changes affecting their communities and clients.

Our goal is to expand the number of youth organizations committed to achieving better outcomes by centering their cultures on learning and results.