Generation Citizen

San Francisco, CA

Chief Executive Officer: Scott Warren

Co-Investor: William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

Generation Citizen offers a proven, state standards-aligned action civics class that gives students an opportunity to experience real-world democracy. In this way, it prepares them to effectively participate as citizens.

Generation Citizen uses project-based learning to equip students with the social-emotional skills to effectively self-advocate and engage civically to address issues that affect them and their communities. The program promotes long-term civic engagement and builds collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills that students will need throughout their lives. Students increase their knowledge, skills and motivation to participate. The result is passionate and responsible civic participation that will help create the more active citizenry and more responsive government.

In addition to its work in San Francisco, Generation Citizen serves youth in and around Austin, TX; Boston, MA; New York, NY; Oklahoma City, OK and Providence, RI; and provides remote programming in San Diego, CA and Camden, NJ.