Able Works

East Palo Alto, CA

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer: John Liotti

Co-Investor: Heising-Simons Foundation

Able Works focuses on stabilizing families and preparing youth for careers through decision-making, financial literacy, and life skills programs. It partners with local organizations and under-resourced public high schools in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties to support students at-risk of being caught in generational cycles of poverty and give them the tools to make sound financial decisions, laying the groundwork for strong futures.

"The work we are doing with PropelNext will help us bring together motivated youths and walk with them through that difficult and transformative time of transitioning into adulthood." - John Liotti, Co-founder and CEO

Through PropelNext, Able Works is becoming a more data-driven organization and aims to deepen and expand its services. With a greater level of sophistication in collecting and evaluating data, Able Works will be able to demonstrate effectiveness and ensure a system of quality control within its programs.


Learn more about Able Works and the organization's participation in PropelNext.