Oakland Leaf

Oakland, CA

Executive Director: Odiaka Gonzalez

Co-Investor: William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

Oakland Leaf provides comprehensive afterschool programming to empower youth and support young people’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing, academic success, and ability to be active and effective.

"PropelNext is forcing us to have difficult conversations about our program model to see what's working and what's not working...In terms of our activities and components, what is more of an assumption we are making versus research and data that proves what we're doing is working?" - Melissa Mendez Ochoa, Executive Director

It offers afterschool programs in six elementary and middle schools, an internship program for high school students and a summer camp. Oakland Leaf goes beyond basic afterschool programs to cultivate confidence, communication and leadership skills as well as commitment to community. It empowers at-risk youth to think critically about how their actions impact others, to choose healthy decisions for themselves and the environment, and to become active, engaged citizens in their community.

With the help of PropelNext, Oakland Leaf is becoming a more data-driven, continuous learning organization.  PropelNext is also helping Oakland Leaf reexamine the amount of programming needed for impact.

Learn more about Oakland Leaf and the organization's participation in PropelNext.