Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade

Los Angeles, CA

Executive Director: Charisse Bremond

Co-investor: Weingart Foundation

Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade
’s trauma-informed youth development program provides educational and career development, including life skills training, mentoring, healthy lifestyles development, case management, and GED training, in one of the toughest areas in Los Angeles.

Many of the young people who participate in the Brotherhood Crusade have been subject to significant adverse childhood experiences.  Numerous have dropped out, are on the verge of being dismissed from high school or are court-involved. Every young person enrolled in Brotherhood Crusade’s year-round programs is assessed academically, socio-behaviorally, and physically. Each receives an individual plan that ensures the interventions are tailored to his or her needs. Participants receive free remedial education, academic assistance, educational enrichment, and mental health and comprehensive health services. As a result, program participants increase their academic proficiency by an average of 132 percent and reduce incidents of tardiness, truancy, crime, delinquency, and inappropriate behavior.