New Door Ventures

San Francisco, CA
Chief Executive Officer: Tess Reynolds

The young people at New Door Ventures benefit from comprehensive job-readiness training, individualized support and meaningful work experience.

Job readiness includes skill-building workshops, education support and one-on-one case management. New Door provides paid job internships at its social enterprises and with community partners throughout San Francisco. In addition to earning a paycheck, youth develop hard and soft job skills, such as professionalism, time and money management, effective workplace communication, and teamwork. New Door’s Education Program prepares youth to obtain their High School Equivalency, with individualized lessons, flexible schedules, and a supportive environment.

“In refining our Theory of Change and upgrading our evaluation system, New Door gained clarity about our work and how to manage performance at the individual, program and organizational levels.  PropelNext has demanded hard work which turned out to be incredibly invigorating!”
- Tess Reynolds, New Door Ventures 

The organization serves transition age youth, 16 to 24, who have low incomes, minimal work experience, and limited education. They also face barriers to success that include unstable housing, prior connections with foster care or justice systems, a history of substance abuse, teen pregnancy or parenting, and lack of positive support from adults.

Between 2012 and 2016, 89 percent of youth who completed New Door Ventures were working and/or pursuing further education, 94 percent were in stable housing, and 96 percent had not been rearrested or convicted of a crime.

Watch Tess Reynolds talk about her organization's experiences