We are pleased to welcome you to the online home for PropelNext.

In 2011, the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation launched PropelNext as an experiment: Could we (in partnership with others) help promising organizations elevate their impact on young people’s lives by investing in their ability to collect, analyze and apply data for ongoing improvement and learning? We hoped that enhancing PropelNext grantees’ capacity to generate data-driven insights and practices would substantially increase their effectiveness.

As this initiative moves into its fourth year, we are energized and inspired by our grantees’ progress. They are making great strides in sharpening their theories of change, aligning their programs, resources and staff with these, and implementing strong performance management systems to collect data that can inform their work and help them deliver even better results. At the same time, we are learning valuable lessons from grantees that will help us refine and improve our approach for future grantees.

We believe that together, PropelNext and our grantees are forging a community of nonprofits committed to continuous learning and to ever-improving results for youth, and that they will emerge as the next generation of social sector leaders.

In the coming years, we hope to expand this website as a space where nonprofits, funders and others can learn from our work and tap into new and insightful research and resources about program design, theory of change, performance measurement and management, and evaluation readiness.

With regards,

Nancy Roob               Lissette Rodriguez
President, EMCF        Managing Director, PropelNext