Domus Kids, Inc.

Stamford, CT
Executive Director: Michael Duggan

Domus helps disadvantaged Connecticut youth acquire the academic, social and emotional skills to obtain permanent employment and lead productive, satisfying lives.

The organization serves disadvantaged students, including those in the foster care and juvenile justice systems, chronically truant students, youth with histories of significant behavioral and academic challenges, and those who have experienced serious trauma. 

"PropelNext helped us realize we can't expect our staff to do it all and do it well. Now we’re much more thoughtful and intentional about identifying program components and interventions that will allow us to achieve the outcomes we seek for our young people." 
- Michael Duggan, Domus Kids, Inc.

Domus’s Family Advocate program uses an intensive case management model in local public schools and Domus-operated charter and turnaround schools. Domus created the family advocate model in order to support young people gain the academic skills necessary to obtain permanent employment and have productive, satisfying lives. Students participate for an average of three to four years.

Domus measures success by its program’s ability to increase school attendance, encourage participation in extracurricular activities, promote parent participation in school events, and ensure that students pass their classes. Outcomes include significantly improved school attendance and fewer behavioral referrals.

Watch Mike Duggan talk about his organization's experiences