Alumni Grantees

The first group of PropelNext grantees completed the three-year program in July 2015 and all are now using the tools they have gained to more effectively serve young people in their communities.

These organizations have developed detailed theories of change to guide their programs, begun using robust performance management systems to collect and analyze their impact, and nurtured organizational cultures that embrace learning and improvement.

As a result, they now have tightly focused program models based on research and best practices in the field. They have aligned services with this model so they are delivering the right services to the right youth at the right time.

These organizations are continuing to support and learn with one another through a private PropelNext Online Learning Community designed to facilitate the sharing of best practices, resources and discussion.

Grantee Stories describe how four PropelNext alumni are expanding funding opportunities and serving more youth.

Celebrating the Achievements of PropelNext's First Grantees, by EMCF President Nancy Roob and Vice President Lissette Rodriguez, celebrated the progress made by this inaugural cohort as they completed the program in July 2015.